Hacker group Antisec has released a dump of 1 million unique identifiers (UDIDs) from Apple iOS devices tonight. The records reportedly came from a file found on an FBI laptop back in March. I made this wrapper around this publicly available data, you can use it to check if your device UDID is listed in the dump.

Enter UDID (or at least 5 FIRST characters):

We do not store your lookups. How do you find out your UDID? View the tutorial.

Interesting facts:

Total leaked UDIDs: 985117.

Obama's UDID:

Try 473d6e1ebf0b100ed172ce5f69c97ba6c8f12ad5.

Top device names:

42797 'iPhone'    
5191 'iPod touch'
3136 '“Administrator”的 iPad'
2202 '“Administrator”的 iPhone'
1534 'Owner’s iPad'
1453 ' iPhone'
1309 'Administrator’s iPad'
1196 'Administrator’s iPhone'
1141 'PdaTX.Net'
1058 'John’s iPad'