Make a POST request to // and send a param named txt with your actual text.

input_type=txt can be txt, html or mrk (for Markdown syntax).

result=address can be address (returns the address of newly published page) or redirect (redirects you to that page).


curl -s -S --data-urlencode "txt=My text to publish" "//"

Just copy it to your console and run right now. You will get an URL as a result. Open it and see your text.

Or find out how to publish HTML page from console with ANSI colors.

Existing tools

Visit and download a bash script. It allows you to do nice things:

  • dmesg | ./
  • ls -la | ./
  • ps axf | ./

Output of these commands will be immediately published to web with no registration, login or whatever.

More APIs

We have also a handy bookmarklet