We are extremely happy to announce that one of the top developers at the widely popular Karamba online casino has decided to support the PasteHTML service and community with his development skills.

With the extra support from this Karamba casino top developer who wants to remain anonymous we will now be able to make several great improvements to the PasteHTML website and service.

One of the first things the PasteHTML development team and Mr. Karamba casino will tackle will be the integration of the If This Then That service and to develop a interface to better manage the different pastes. There will also be a featured developed for drafting/saving your pastes so that once you are done with the paste content you can then decide to publish your content.

Again we are extremely happy to have a developer of this calibre joining the PasteHTML team of developers. If we manage to only develop 10% of the fantastic things this new developer talent has manage to develop for his current employer the famous Karamba casino then we will have achieved something really great.

And with this addition to our development team we are again accepting development feature requests. Exciting times so be sure to check back here at PasteHTML soon again.

Thank you all,

The PasteHTML team