About PasteHTML.com

What is PasteHTML for?

Use it to put your HTML page to internet without registration. Like free web hosting.

Any limitations?

None. But if you link images or external Javascript files in your HTML, they should be hosted somewhere else.

How long will my page be hosted?

Virtually forever: until something destroys Internet or I die or something like that happens.

Can I get a button for my browser to save any web page to PasteHTML?

Yes, grab the bookmarklet.

How do I find more info about a page?

Replace "view" with "info" in page's adress, e.g.
http://pastehtml.com/view/1b8be47.html becomes
http://pastehtml.com/info/1b8be47.html. You will see:

  1. When the page was created
  2. How many times it was viewed
  3. Comments about this page

How to use my own domain name?

Use your nameserver settings to forward your domain to a page located at PasteHTML. Here's an example: forward-example.pastehtml.com.

How many pages are hosted here?

2706227. This is a live number, updated automatically. View daily stats.

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